NFT's and how they empower our community

We believe 

Emerging technology can change the way communities are built and how they operate.  Web3 is the next era of the internet where you get to own and shape your social experience.

Our mission

To use emerging technologies to build the world’s most passionate outdoor community, where you shape a community you want to be part of. 

Our goal

Our goal extends beyond creating community. We believe in using a community to create awareness to facilitate donations of time and money to our precious national parks.

What is an NFT and how is it used?

What is an NFT?

NFTs are a digital asset and receipt all in one. Many people today associate NFTs with buying and owning digital artwork. NFT technology can also be used for owning things like music, or in our case membership. 

Buy a National Parks NFT, and that becomes your digital membership card for as long as you want (no monthly membership fee).

How we use NFTs

  • Membership in our community
  • As collectible receipts for attending outdoor events (like a national parks passport stamp)
  • Access to member-only discounts
  • In-park games where you have to find NFTs using your phone (like Pokemon Go!)
  • Our NFTs are beautiful – you own the license to print or make and sell your own merch!

Our NFT roadmap

NFT Collection 1

US national parks plot NFTs

Utility: Community Membership


4,825 Unique NFTs. Our first genesis collection brings to life the big 63 US national parks. Owning a park NFT gives you membership to our club where you can attend meetups & volunteer events, join exclusive contests, and earn POAPS and park points to redeem in our online store. You will also get early access to future NFT drops.

NFT Collection 2

Park POAPs

Utility: Collectable Memories


NFTs rewarded to members that participate in our real-world or virtual events. Many of our members consider these collectible memories much like a national park digital passport stamp. 

NFT Collection 3

Park Life NFTs

Utility: Alpha access to contribute to community projects, access to discounts on gear and event drops


Our Park Life NFTs is a massively diverse collection in a multi-phased  one-of-a-kind NFT launch:

Phase 1: Park Ranger NFTs – the first few hundred characters in the Park Life NFT collection can only be minted by finding and collecting them in a first-ever real-world NFT treasure hunt. 

Phase 2: Park Mascot NFTs – will be an ultra-rare series of animal and nature characters that represent each of the 63 parks. These characters build awareness of endangered animals and plants in our national parks. Mascot holders are always entitled to the highest discounts in our gear & event drops.

Phase 3: Park People – the characters of the life we love in parks including campers, hikers, photographers, wildlifers, climbers, etc. First access to existing park plot holders and those with early access.

Phase 4: Public mint – will include thousands of park life personalities, granting access for each holder to our regular product and experience drops.

Holder utility: Ranger holders contribute to and gain alpha access to our community projects, Mascots are always entitled to the highest discounts in our gear & event drops, and all other holders get varying discounts to our gear/event drops.

NFT Collection 4

Park Treasure Hunt NFTs

Utility: Participate in a national event where NFTs will be digitally placed at geo-code locations across the country.


This will be the first-of-it’s kind coordinated US-wide park treasure hunt. We will be partnering with a technology partner that we cannot divulge yet and placing NFTs along trails across the country. The only way to obtain these NFTs will be physically hiking to find them. This will support our mission to create awareness of our parks, and encourage people to spend more time outdoors.

NFT Collection 5

Customizable Fantasy Park Artwork with NFTs rights

Utility: You create your own fantasy park and receive a gorgeous one-of-a-kind print


A parks art project, where you get to customize your own fantasy park based on what you find most appealing in a park. Choose the mountains of Rainier with a Zion river and the trails and plants of Joshua Tree. Once you create this version of a fantasy park, nobody else can create the same fantasy park. You then own the NFT, and the rights to a park that nobody else can create or own.

Every Fantasy Park purchase comes with a print you can hang on your wall – a stunning conversation starter for any park fan.

Are NFTs good or bad for our parks?

NFTs have certainly been a hot buzzword of 2021/2022 and are not always associated with “for-good”. To start the conversation, it’s good to remember they are simply a technology that gives ownership of a digital asset that is recorded in a central blockchain. 2022 is the year that so many technology concerns will be overcome. The most popular utility blockchain (Ethereum) will be 99% more efficient – concerns about how much energy is used to operate will be drastically reduced. Different blockchains are competing to become the most green and highly adopted – in the end when you measure all the infrastructure, energy, technology, and resources that past financial institutions use, NFT transactions will become more efficient.

Here are some ways NFT technology can have a positive impact on parks both in the short and long-term.

  • NFTs are an opportunity to excite and educate the younger generation about the important role that parks play in our lives
  • Children of tomorrow have short attention spans. Kids often need a nudge and need gamification to discover the beauty of the outdoors
  • With the growing interest in the metaverse, we can bring educators into digital worlds and open more doors for edutainment
  • NFTs create niche communities passionate about donations and volunteering
  • When combined with real-world activities, NFTs remind technology-savvy people to get away from their screens
  • Current NPS infrastructure uses outdated technology for membership fees, parking, park passes, etc. that can all be replaced with digital NFTs (No need for cash registers, backend banking systems, merchants, plastic and paper printed receipts, etc.)