National Parks NFT

Enjoy outdoor life. Earn points. Get rewarded.

Your membership community with 1,800+ outdoor enthusiasts. Receive benefits for enjoying the outdoors with your passion for national parks.

1. NFT Membership

Yes, NFT’s are not just images. Our NFT’s are your club membership – for life. Pick your favorite national park, or buy several to increase benefits.

2. Earn Points

50+ ways to earn “ParkPoints” – attend hikes, park meetups, webinars, contests, trivia, or hang out in the metaverse.

3. Shop with Points

Redeem your points any time. Use points to buy a National Park Annual Pass, backpack, camping gear, or save your points for a travel or adventure experience. 

Our community in parks and the metaverse

Each NFT membership comes with unique artwork

4825 NFT Park NFTs

All 63 official US National Parks are represented, with a higher supply of the most visited and most popular parks.

Artwork Traits

Each NFT is unique using different traits and rarities that combine terrain, weather, seasons, trails, rivers, and more. As a holder, you also have rights to use the artwork.

Owning a rare NFT

More rare NFTs are desired by many as an NFT investment. In addition, rare traits will give you access to specific rewards. Learn More

An app to track events and Park Points

An online store to use your points

Giving back to the parks

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Donations so far

Donations to The Parks

Our minting, ongoing fundraisers, and OpenSea royalties will support the National Park Foundation and other charities. 

Our minting and ongoing fundraisers will support the National Park Foundation and other charities. 

Offsetra Carbon Offset

We donate ongoing to Offsetra and their efforts to invest in carbon-neutral impactful programs.

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Our team and partners

Ranger Mick

Ranger Mick

Founder, Artist, Designer with 20+ years building digital products for global companies including Microsoft and Amazon, and has created product vision and strategy for many fast-paced startups.

Ranger Josh

Ranger Josh

Community Manager, Josh found his way onto our team via his insane passion for National Parks and the NFT space. He has vowed to not sleep until he's taken over the world with our project.

Ranger Zach

Ranger Zach

Social Media Manager, Zach brings experience working on social content and campaigns working for Microsoft, IBM, and several startups. Zach WILL engage with you on social.

Gabriel Higareda

Gabriel Higareda

Gbae is our code ninja Web3 full-stack developer with over 10 years building startup and enterprise solutions. He leads a small team with a lot of velocity!

Li Zhang

Li Zhang

Li is an award-willing illustrator working on ongoing NFT art. She has worked with global clients. Has a background in showcasing her work across New York where she lives.

In the news

We are not affiliated with the US National Parks Service or any of its entities. Our project is aligned around the theme of national parks, not the official branded trademark park names.