Nationalparks NFT Roadmap

Highlights the past, and leading the future of web3 in the outdoors


Jan 22

Lunched on OpenSea Jan 2022

A 4,825 NFT collection that sold out in 7 minutes onboarded 1.8K members and bootstrapped our community. Carbon offset donation via Offsetra.

Feb 22

Virtual webinars and trivia

Hosted webinars from park rangers, survival experts, and community  trivia events

Feb 22

National Park Foundation donation

$65K donated to National Parks Foundation, and an additional $2K to Grand Teton and NPCA foundations

Mar 22

E-commerce Shop Launched

Not just swag, we are resellers of niche park themed products

Apr 22

Spatial metaverse events

Metaverse treasure hunts and photography exhibits to engage members

Apr 22

Collector achieves NP hall of fame

Celebrated our first member to collect all 63 national park NFTs

May 22

Social media partnerships

Ongoing social media collaborations with brands, including several van rental giveaways

May 22

NFT Street fair vendor

Showcasing our project at NFT Street Fair and meeting some great artists/founders

Jun 22

Sequoia National Park volunteer event

A members weekend camping volunteer event for social good. Check out the video below!

Jul 22

NFT partnerships

Ongoing collaborations with NFT projects in the outdoor space.

Jul 22

National park pass giveaways

Weekly contests rewarding members over 60 national park annual passes

Aug 22

Park Points rewards program

Launched Park Points, where members earn points they can redeem in our e-commerce store

Aug 22

AR NFT treasure hunting with PIXL

Hosted a meetup at Crystal Cove State Park to claim park NFTs using the AR/PIXL app

Oct 22

Rebrand to Natparks Community

To better expand our brand, adjusted our name to Natparks Community show we are community-first and think beyond NFTs

Sep - Nov 22

Ambassador hiking POAPs

Introduced member ambassadors to host hiking events where attendees earn POAPs (proof of attendance NFTs). Hosted events in San Diego, Cuyahoga Valley NP, and Santa Monica

Dec 22

National park checklists

Launched a popular National Parks Checklist poster and Etsy store for park fans with over 100 sales that continue to grow



National Parks planner website

To build our community and extend our reach outside Web3, we will launch a National Parks educational website


V2 Collection: Fantasy National Parks

NFTs beyond the real-world with NFT and brand partnerships


Official Natparks Passport App

Building an NFT app for every person that visits or plans visits to national Parks to research, track, and store all their park trips and memories.


Park Friends - real world NFT hiking game

Bringing NFTs to the real world with a hiking app with exclusive collectibles for V1 and V2 holders.

stay tuned for more

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