V2: Fantasy National Park Collectibles


2,222 items  •  250+ Hand-illustrated traits  •  Custom 1:1’s


An NFT with Wunderground coffee for a year

An NFT where you get a new PNW style hat each month

An NFT with etched water bottles for 6 months

An NFT with a bunch of swag for van lifers

Three NFT Collections in one


Fantasy & theme parks

Utility: Every NFT comes with a printed physical art plus access to our monthly product drops.

2,100 unique NFTs. Our nature or themed fantasy parks bring to life the impossible. By mixing different elements from real-world national parks, and themed objects we’ve created fictional parks. Is your dream fantasy park half desert and half waterfalls, or is it made of candy or is it a theme like “crypto”?


NFT collection inspired parks

Utility is defined by the NFT community and will be unique to each NFT. Check each NFT for it's utility when we launch

Imagine your favorite NFT projects having an imaginary national park where all their PFP characters hang out in nature. Each week we announce new 1:1 parks inspired by or partnering with other collections.

New plots auctioned each week 


Branded fantasy parks

Utility: Each NFT will have unique utility from the sponsoring brand. Check each NFT for it's utility when we launch.

We are also encouraging partners to donate a portion of their auction to charity.

Over the past year, our community has worked with many brands that want to join the Web3 world. Our answer has arrived! One-of-a-kind parks will be themed to match their brand with unique utility. E.g. Coffeeland Park gets you a free bag of coffee every month with a coffee brand.

New plots auctioned each week

Style 1 NFTs - claim a print of your NFT

We believe as owners of these unique parks, you have the right to celebrate the physical art you own. The first owner of every fantasy park can claim a printed piece that describes the park traits, with options to upgrade to a framed or metal print.

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We've been busy building in 2022, see a recap

Brand and NFT Partner Applications

Brands or NFT collections that want to join the world of fantasy park digital collectibles, we’d love to work with you.