Mammalz Live Stream from Grand Canyon National Park

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Streaming Live May 14th, 5pm PST

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The Location

Mammalz creator Alex Coburn, who was recently approved for a full series of his show Misguided and most recently streamed a live African safari, will be streaming episode two from the Grand Canyon. Every episode of Misguided features Alex alongside another leader in the natural history world and focuses on the storytelling of a place in time.

For this episode in the Grand Canyon, which will be all live, interactive, and publicly accessible on Mammalz TV, Alex is planning on the following acts…


“First Act”

‘The Village’

Opening at the Grand Canyon Village near El Tovar Hotel (recreate Chevy Chase moment from National Lampoon). Alex has to guide/lead the first segment entirely to recover ground from the pilot. In this segment we will establish where we are, why we’re there, and begin the abridged tour of Mary Colter’s work. This segment will conclude with an interview of a Theodore Roosevelt finger puppet about why he established both the Grand Canyon NP and the ‘Antiquities Act.’

“Second Act”

‘Lost In Time’

The most famous aspect of the Grand Canyon is it’s natural history. From geology to wild critters, the Canyon offers a unique setting to better understand our planet. In this segment (which is a bridge to the indigenous perspectives) we meet Safari Steve for a whimsical tour through time on the “Geology Walk” (also called the Trail of Time) offered at the Canyon rim. This is a 2.5 mile walk so it may be prudent to select a deliberate route to save time.

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