an outdoor brand owned by the people.

no logos.

the first-ever decentralized outdoor apparel brand

Over 10 thousand  designs

algorithmically generated as NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain.

Retro skies, landscape gradients, mountain silhouettes, and nature elements make up each design. No two are alike, yet they’re all one family. Mint a design, own the design, and create or sell your own products.

use your design on any product you can imagine

Shirts, jackets, hats, totes, water bottles, shoes, badges, backpacks, stickers, etc. This brand can go viral with the help of you.

You own the design. Make or sell your own merch.

Mint as many as you like to create a collection.

48 hour open edition NFT launch.

The brand is decentralized, meaning the community owns the brand. No large corporations. Together we define a brand with web3.

The community creates the products. The community markets the brand. The brand is a movement.

Once you mint a design, you can download graphic assets to use to create your own merch. We’re excited to see where you take this brand.