Event Ambassadors

Introducing our community ambassadors program, where our members have the opportunity to host real-life hiking events. Help us grow by bringing our members together and welcoming curious new members to our community.

How it works

Ambassador rewards

As an ambassador you will receive Park Points you can redeem in our online store and a special ambassador NFT.

Member attendance

Any members that join your event will receive achievement NFTs adding to their collection of digital memories.

Event promotion

Our team will help boost attendance by promoting the event on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and in our Discord.

Volunteer opportunities

In cases where you can help organize a charity event such as volunteering, let us know so we can help rally additional support.

How to apply

Click above to see the NFT

1. Be an active member

To apply we ask that you have been a member of our community for 2+ months and actively engaging. Experience is not required but you must be over 18.

2. Apply online or via Discord

You can apply via the link below, or simply open a support ticket in our discord. You will need to sign an agreement/waiver.

3. You're in!

Once you are a member, we will award you with an Ambassador NFT, give you access to our ambassador discord channel, and ship you a small swag bag so you look the part at our events.

4. Start planning your event

When you're ready to plan a hiking event, start a conversation in the ambassador hiking channel. Your fellow ambassadors will help you plan, and we will start the process.


Q. What type of events can I host?
Right now we want to start with hikes. They can be in any state park, national park, or public trail. Events should cater to broad audiences and should not be overnight.

Q. What is my responsibility?
Our events will be available to the public. You are not an employee and are volunteering to simply coordinate the event. We expect maturity and a level of common sense and professionalism. You will be required to sign a waiver and provide information so we can confirm you are a responsible character. You will need to ensure all participants sign a waiver and nobody attending should conduct business as part of the event.

Q. What will National Parks NFT  provide to help?
We will promote the event via our social media, give you discount on shirt/hats and provide some funds for snacks for attendees and in some cases may include some form of digital games. If we find a suitable partner to sponsor the event, we will coordinate.

Q. What volunteering or fundraising opportunities are there?
As a host, you can work with us to include any volunteering (such as cleanups) or fundraising – but you must follow any rules or laws of the park you are hiking in. Most parks have guidelines on how to volunteer and you may need to sign up to their existing programs.