Why we have NFT Artwork & how it works

NFTs (Non-fungible tokens) are simply a digital means to prove ownership. They are often used to show proof of owning artwork. We however use the same NFT technology to prove membership of our club. You can think of your NFT artwork as a one-of-a-kind membership card.

Why we have artwork

Our NFT collection has 4,825 unique pieces of art. Each NFT has different visual traits, some much rarer than others. This makes some NFTs more valuable than others and makes collecting parks fun!

How rarity works in our club

  • Each person that holds one of our NFTs get a membership to our club
  • When we host events and contests, we reward people with points and reward people who hold rarer traits with opportunities to earn more points
  • Our shop also offers unique gear and experiences to holders of specific traits.

Artwork traits


There are 63 parks, the most popular park has a supply of 233 NFTs and the least has a supply of 17. In addition, there are 5 legendary fantasy parks. Refer to OpenSea to see exactly how many of each park.

  • 129 Wildlifer
  • 128 Roadtripper
  • 126 Camping
  • 118 Photography
  • 113 Climbing
  • 110 Hiking
  • 224 Moon
  • 222 Birds
  • 93 Eagle
  • 3343 Glare
  • 559 Fog
  • 400 Rainbow
  • 265 Rain
  • 213 Lightning
  • 43 Full Rainbow
  • 642 Blue Hour
  • 458 Golden Hour
  • 258 Night
  • 252 Spotlight
  • 799 Feldspar
  • 599 Granite
  • 481 Obsidian
  • 432 Sandstone
  • 412 Erosion
  • 367 H2o
  • 234 Moss
  • 232 Pyrite
  • 109 Molten
  • 93 Ruby
  • 49 Voxel
  • 37 Petridish
  • 619 Sun halo
  • 595 Classic sunset
  • 577 Morning Blue
  • 575 Hue Shift
  • 524 Afternoon
  • 480 Vibrant sunset
  • 479 Moonlit stars
  • 302 Dramatic sunset
  • 233 Above the clouds
  • 177 Star trails
  • 156 Milky way
  • 87 Aurora borealis
  • 19 Blueprint


  • There are 63 park themes. The supply of each park varies based on park popularity and visitation data, with the top park Yosemite having 233 NFTs and less popular parks like Petrified Forest having only 17 NFTs. So if a contest rewards holders of a more rare park, you have a higher chance of winning (1 in 17 vs. 1 in 233)
  • Occasionally there are contests where specific parks are eligible
  • Occasionally multiple parks win more points
  • One park is selected each week for park-of-the-week

Basecamp (hobby) traits

During contests and events holders of basecamps (hobby) traits will be rewarded with extra ParkPoints to use in our shop on:

  • Photography – gear or experiences suited to photographers such as camera gear, workshops, software,etc
  • Hiking – gear suited to hikers, most commonly gear you would see at REI
  • Camping – gear suited to campers to elevate their camping experience
  • Roadtripper – accommodation or travel gear and experiences
  • Climbing – gear suited to climbers
  • Wildlifer – various gear for people that just love admitting wildlife


Objects are rare and valuable.  Moon, Birds, and Eagles are often aligned with more valuable ParkPoints.


We may choose rare atmosphere traits to align with ParkPoints. Rainbow, Rain, Lightning and Full Rainbows are most valuable. Example: Joshua Tree holders with Lightning will receive X Points if they are the winner of a contest.


Occasionally we may choose sky traits to align with ParkPoints or sky traits paired with other traits for ParkPoints. 


Rarely we may choose rare earth traits to align with ParkPoints. Petridish, Voxel, Ruby and Molten are more valuable.


Ambience is lighting and color casts, used mostly for visual aesthetics and NFT rarity factors only.

NFT Rarity – rarity.tools

Many NFT investors like to see how each NFT ranks across a collection, often to determine how rare and valuable an NFT is. We don’t place much value on individual rarity in our collection due to the community rewards listed above taking priority. However, by popular demand, we are officially listed with rarity.tools.

> View Rarity on rarity.tools